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Empowering Through Fitness

Personal Training. Group Fitness. Corporate Events. Brand Promotion

What We Do

Personal Traning

Our personal training sets the gold standard. With expert trainers, tailored plans, and unwavering support, we're committed to maximizing your results and journeying with you to your fitness peak.

Group Fitness Classes

At Elevate, our diverse group classes, include yoga, HIIT, pilates, boxing, spin and much more. These classes are led by Toronto's top fitness instructors, ensuring a dynamic, fulfilling fitness experience.

Brand Promotion

We specialize in targeted brand promotion, honing in on the young, affluent professional demographic within the wellness industry. Leveraging our marketing channels, we amplify brand visibility.

Personal Training

Elevate your fitness with our expert trainers. Train at one of our partnered gyms, or our one of our trainers can come directly to you. Book a free assessment now.

Luxury Rental Apartments

We partner with luxury rental apartment buildings to provide premium fitness experiences tailored to their residents. From hosting group classes onsite to organizing exclusive events, we enhance the lifestyle offerings of these properties, enriching the resident experience and fostering a vibrant community.

Corporate Events

We specialize in corporate events, including notable collaborations such as our successful event with IBM. Tailoring each event to our client's needs, we curate engaging fitness experiences, workshops, and wellness activities, ensuring impactful brand engagement and memorable experiences for attendees.

Promote Your Brand With Us

With our proven track record of delivering exceptional ROI through optimized campaigns , you can trust us to elevate your brand presence and drive tangible results in the wellness and health market.


Our influencers boast over 500k engaged local followers, making them powerful advocates for brand promotion for your target audience.


Our newsletter reaches 1000+ luxury rental residents in Toronto, offering prime brand exposure within our urban community.


Promote your products at our luxury rental apartment group classes, reaching a captive audience for effective brand exposure.


Showcase your products at our corporate events, such as our recent event for IBM, as well as our local fitness events which host up to 500 participants

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